Our ultimate goal is to reconstruct the government’s interaction with the public by establishing one simple process to fulfil the administrative obligations of every size, type and duration of business. We remain committed to not only advancing communication and collaborative processes with our partners but continuing to innovate and develop software in order to match the specific needs of every user. Here, at Guichet Entreprises, we believe that every entrepreneur should have the means to source relevant information, avoid unnecessary complications, and create a business using a secure and once-only method.

Since 2010, the Guichet Entreprises service, as part of a commissioned European Directive, has sought to simplify the methods of business administration including qualification recognition. Projet GE is a breakdown of the French perspective: our challenges, our achievements, our processes and a way to share our knowledge and resources. The reconstruction of business administration is ongoing and complex but despite the long road ahead, Projet GE seeks to communicate our mission to help form new collaborations and further advance administrative operations.