Since late 2016, we have successfully adopted Program Increment Planning (PI) in conjunction with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to coordinate and achieve effective collaboration amongst our newly implemented Agile teams. Here at Guichet Entreprises, we have developed Agile roles to adhere to a new and distinct way of working: implementing tasks quickly and efficiently interacting with one another from both technical and functional perspectives. We have, therefore, become managers and product owners to build the frameworks for software and function development. Alongside this dynamic framework, we also understand the importance of sustainability and place huge value on security, quality and positive leadership.


Florent Tournois

Program Portfolio Manager

Product Owner: Integration and Research

Head of Service, Florent Tournois, has been the leading figurehead for the Guichet Entreprises project since its fruition back in 2009. Florent gained his extensive knowledge in computer science and engineering studying in Paris at the École Normale Supérieure and later, the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications. He also founded his own software company, Telecoms Paris, in the final years of his doctorate. With experience as an architect on numerous projects and information systems, Florent has used his expertise to successfully lead the team in deploying and advancing once-only methods in business services and qualifications. Always looking to the future and taking innovative steps, Florent continues working with the relevant administrative partners, gaining permissions and adapting to meet user expectations. He is dedicated to driving his team forward to the next level of simplified administration.


Elodie Dufour

Product Manager

Since joining the team in September 2015 as a jurist, Elodie Dufour has used her academic knowledge of European and common law to effectively manage the project’s legal affairs by exploring national and European legislation in relation to the Services Directive and the Qualification Directive in France. Elodie works closely with internal legal departments, writing requirements of expression and overseeing the operational direction of contracts in coordination with the service providers. Elodie also collaborates with the European Commission concerning the directives’ transposition, reporting to the different European bodies and represents the French PSC in the EUGO network meetings. With her increased knowledge and multilingual skills, Elodie seeks to improve upon her legal and technical expertise to help further advance the portal’s operations.



Claire Le Sech


Claire Le Sech trained as a jurist, specialising in business law, and joined the team in 2012 when the project demanded her expertise to frame the legal requirements for the dematerialisation of the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises. Claire’s adapted user based skills saw her role naturally progress to permanently supporting the ongoing operation of the portal. As well as drafting the functional specifications of new procedures to regularise businesses, Claire also orchestrates the site’s statistics and manages the advancement of customer support. Claire’s role is now vital in sustaining the usability of and the more recent site, As the project advances, Claire will begin to manage a support team to help sustain the overall efficiency of the websites.



Christophe Lebeau

Product Owner: PHP

Christophe Lebeau joined the team in September 2014 to supervise the project’s development. Eager for the challenge, Christophe’s responsibility has been centred on coordinating the development teams to ensure request compliance from our various collaborative partners. He also ensures that the commitments of time and quality are delivered and respected. In identifying project priorities and developing smoother routes in project progression, Christophe’s work has become crucial in keeping the project on track, in line with its missions.


Chloé Ledevin

Product Owner: Forms

Chloé Ledevin has gained various skills and experience working under different business networks involving local and regional authorities. Her current role as jurist consultant within the Guichet Entreprises team has expanded her area of expertise in authoritative procedures especially from the project’s European perspective. Chloé manages the legislative work related to the transposition of the Qualification Directive, organising content for all activity web pages by connecting and editing information produced by our collaborators. Chloé has quickly adopted the Guichet Entreprises mission, working hard in bringing together both content and legislation in preparation for the methods that will allow European citizens to eventually complete all formalities online.




Bernard Migaud

Security and Quality

Product Owner: Java

Bernard was one of the first team members to join the project and help drive the initial missions in line with our providers. With a background in software engineering and experience in IT, logistics and quality policy management, Bernard’s work has focused on areas of development including the administrative monitoring of contracts and the implementation of tools to ensure that all risks are managed effectively. Bernard’s experience and responsibility within the Guichet Entreprises team has steadily grown, successfully managing our changes in software and hosting. Bernard continues to effectively supervise both the quality and security of our websites in parallel with our Agile methods.


Juan Carlos Campillo

Budget and Contracts

Juan joined the team back in October 2011 to fulfill the structural and administrative needs of the project. His vast experience is the result of working within various government administrations since 2001 in relation to both budget and communication. Juan started working under the changing forms of the current DGE from 2009, which eventually opened the door to Guichet Entreprises. Juan’s administrative knowledge has not only allowed the mission to gain and maintain structural stability but, as budget facilitator and contractual mediator, Juan has also helped to validate the team’s objectives, and continues to adapt to changing administrative authorities.




Mai Saget-Nguyen

Product Owner: Editorial

Despite only joining the team in early 2017, Mai has quickly utilised her skills to help satisfy the next stage in the promotion of the Guichet Entreprises service. As editorial manager, it is Mai’s responsibility not only to propose and write new content for our websites but also lead the editorial team to meet deadlines and introduce and develop more dynamic content. With seven years’ experience in several communication departments in the Ministry of Economics and Finance, Mai has successfully coordinated online campaigns by recommending professional designs and adapting content to suit the purpose of each mission. She has become an efficient and effective supervisor and has also gained a broad knowledge of multimedia along the way. Mai is, therefore, a great asset in helping to launch the project’s wider, European mission.